Please let me eat your dreams


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! This is a museum of weird dreams, but also a museum of witnessing history. In late 2019, Global outburst of coronavirus covid-19 has brought about great changes in people's lives. To prevent the spread of the virus, the government had to close down the city. At the same time, the number of bizarre dreams has also increased. As the patron saint of our website, Baku, a monster who eats strange dreams, has eaten many strange dreams as a result.

In this online world, you can see weird dreams on ARCHIVE page.The page shows the emotional changes that occur in weird dreams. If you suffer from strange dreams, try asking Baku for help. You can send us your weird dreams via email, please include your gender, age, occupation. Contact information is at the CONTACT page. Maybe your dreams will get a chance to show up at this museum. Enjoy yourselves!


When people have weird dreams,
they say 'Baku SAN, please eat my dream' three times,
and they will get a good sleep at tonight.
The strange dream that Baku ate became the fragments of dreams,
you can peer through them.


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